Ohana Communities Leasing and wait list information

Ohana Communities Leasing and wait list information

Kaneohe base housing

Kaneohe base housing

Kaneohe base housing

Kaneohe base housing

MCBH and MCAS Kaneohe Bay quick reference numbers

MCBH and MCAS Kaneohe Bay quick reference numbers

Thanks for reading and please share your experiences with me on my FB group, HAWAII MILITARY LIFE, so we can help others. I mainly post Local Hawaii events and information in that group. And if you are retiring or transitioning, please join our HAWAII MILITARY RETIRED VETERANS LIFE Facebook group.

HAWAII MILITARY LIFE is a recently created FB group. We try to look for a lot of FREE events or discounts for Military. We also post PCS info, buying a car, pet info, BAH, and anything related to Military command events in Hawaii. This group is NOT FOR PROFIT so we are REAL DoD families helping each other. You can search through our Facebook site using key words on the left column. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1483172141727626/ 

Camp Smith quick reference numbers

Camp Smith quick reference numbers

Camp Smith and Kaneohe Base Housing and Information

Kaneohe and Camp Smith MCBH housing application instructions for registering for on base and off base housing. 

Marine Corps Base Kaneohe housing office is the main office for both Kaneohe and Camp Smith. Camp Smith members can register in Kaneohe for housing but note; Camp Smith is located in Halawa Heights near Aiea about 10 min from Honolulu Airport. You can also call the Navy housing office which has more base housing options near Camp Smith. Camp Smith Manana housing is located over in Aiea, Pearl city, HI.  

Note: Actual Camp Smith base housing is very limited, only for 06 (SO) and E9 (SE). The wait list can be 12-18 months.

Manana base housing was built in 2006, is located in Pearlcity. Manana boasts 144 single (detached) homes available for Staff NCO, Company Grade, and Field Grade Officer homes.  They also have 24 duplex style homes for junior enlisted families.  Open to active-duty Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marines.
Mañana housing has a FB group as well.


KANEOHE HOUSING WAIT LIST click on "Wait list for select neighborhoods". This gives you an estimate of potential wait times. Best way to know is to contact them directly by email or calling on the left side of this page.

"All Military Personnel inbound MCB Hawaii are required to register at the Family Housing Office prior to entering into an off-base lease agreement or to purchase a home." Based on your rank you can email your counselor to get on the wait list. You must provide them with a copy of your web orders, 1746 Housing application, sex offenders form, and privacy act form.

You may also be able to register at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH) Ohana Navy family housing in Pearl Harbor about 10 min from Camp Smith. https://www.hawaiimilitarylife.org/jbphhhousing.

Email: MCBH.G4.FMLY.HSG.FMB@usmc.mil
Phone:  Defense Switch Network (DSN Prefix 315) 457-2676 or COMM (808) 257-2676
Toll Free:  1-866-224-7942
Fax: DSN 457-1259 or COMM (808) 257-1259
Mail: Family Housing Department, Box 63003, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3003

Camp Smith: Sunset Lanai view of Pearl Harbor and Ford Island

Camp Smith: Sunset Lanai view of Pearl Harbor and Ford Island

Camp Smith has a lot of amenities on base so you don't have to go off base. The nearest commissary is the NEX in Pearl Harbor or Hickam Air base if you want less crowds.

Camp Smith offers:

  • Dental center for Active Duty only

  • Education center

  • Health clinic

  • Sunset Lanai - dining you can serve up to 300 guests

  • Barbershop

  • Dry cleaner express

  • Gas lane?

  • Exchange

  • Fitness center

  • Library

  • Pool

  • ITT tickets and tours office

Camp Smith fitness center is "state of the art" since it was rebuilt in 2017.

Camp H. Smith is home to the INDOPACIFIC Combatant Commander of the pacific (INDOPACOM). Most of the smaller commands in the area are in support of the INDOPACOM mission. 

Here is the INDO PACOM newcomers information link and phone numbers. If your sponsor has not reached out to you then try to contact your service POC.





If you work on Camp Smith there's no commissary. Your nearest commissary is the Pearl Harbor Naval commissary about 15 min away in PH (next to Airport). Or Hickam AFB next to HNL. 

If you live in Mililani, Waikele, Ewa, Makakilo, and Kapolei your nearest commissary is Schofield. 

If you live in Windward side your nearest commissary is Kaneohe MCB. 

You will probably want to know where all the commissaries are on Oahu because you'll find food is outrageously expensive here. I drive 11 miles to PH just to go to the commissary and we save about 30% on the bill. 👍

Marine Corps Base Kaneohe

MCBH Information and phone numbers

If you are looking for Public schools in the Camp Smith Mañana housing area please click here and scroll down on the left side of page.