Hawaii Independent (Private) Schools
and Hawaii Homeschooling

Hawaii Private Schools

Hawaii private schools can have some pretty expensive tuition rates but provide smaller class ratios. Additionally, the private schools have upgraded technology and facilities and higher graduation rates. You can check out the tuition rates by clicking on the link below. 

Hawaii Association of Independent schools listings on Oahu. 

PRIVATE SCHOOL timeline for applications start a year in advance in September. 

Some applications require applicants to test for the SSAT. You can register for a test in the November-December timeframe in any state. https://ssat.org

Full list of Private schools in Oahu


Looking for private school near Schofield? Trinity Lutheran is in Wahiawa. 

Trinity Lutheran School/Preschool is a Christian school that offers a convenient location serving families from Wahiawa, Schofield Barracks, Mililani, the North Shore, Ewa Beach and other nearby communities. http://www.tls-hawaii.org/home.html

There is also Ho'ala school in Wahiawa. Average tuition is around $10,000 a year.

1067-A California Ave.
Wahiawa, HI 96786
(808) 621-1898
Email: darlene@hoala.org

Private school in Kapolei - Island Pacific Academy is popular with DoD families.

One of the most popular private schools for DoD families in Kapolei is Island Pacific Academy (IPA). IPA is very competitive to get in especially at 6th grade level. I've seen folks get in during the 5th grade year so they can just roll into 6th grade. 

2017-2018 Tuition

Grades K-5: $14,375
Grades 6-8: $15,475
Grades 9-12: $15,975

For more information, please contact the Admission Office.
(808) 674-3563

Private schools resources for children with Learning disabilities (Special Needs)









Hawaii Homeschooling

Hawaii homeschooling is a very attractive thing for Military families who want their kids to get ahead faster or work at their own pace. There are some rules in every state and lots of support groups and conferences across Oahu. 

Per Hawaii DOE, Homeschooling in Hawaii requires you to register with the local public school in your area, a "notice of intent" that you will homeschool through a FORM 4140.

FORM 4140 http://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/DOE%20Forms/Enrollment/Exceptions4140.pdf

This notice of intent acknowledges, the parent's intent to home school and allows the DOE to assist parents in their educational efforts. In addition, families are required to notify the principal if the homeschooling program is terminated or if another educational program is initiated.

HAWAII Departing of Education (DOE) homeschooling information.

Christian Homeschoolers. Classical conversations events around Oahu. CC is a national homeschooling program that uses a Bible based curriculum taught in a Christian, classical tradition. Classes are geared for age 4 through high school. Here is the link for Hawaii events https://www.classicalconversations.com/events-near-you

Home school Ohana has a great resources page with a lot of information about homeschool groups, events, and activities for homeschoolers

Hawaii homeschool organizations and support groups. 
Other homeschool support (not in Hawaii) 
Here is a list of
other Military homeschool organizations and support.

Schofield Home School Support provides educational information and answers home school questions. Child & Youth Services Homework Centers and Technology Labs are available to home school youth by appointment. Families may start homeschooling once they complete Form 4140 at the school their child should attend. There are two charter schools in Hawaii that are an available option for homeschooling families.

CYS Services SLO's also manage an email distribution list for homeschooler's to keep parents in the know about upcoming events, state administered test and more.

Easy peasy All in one homeschool

The Well trained mind has active forums you can sign up for. 

Time4Learning has total online curriculum

K12.com has public school on line


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