Moving to Hawaii just takes a lot of effort, tracking, and lots of planning. This should provide some helpful guidance, tips and links to picking up your POV in HNL, registering your vehicle, filing HHG claims and/or preparing to PCS.


Write down your mileage

Shipping your second Vehicle is it worth it?

It's helpful to determine if shipping a second car is worth the more than the value of the car because you can easily just buy a car in Hawaii for the same price with lower mileage. 

It was $2200 to ship our vehicle from East coast to HNL. That included: flat bed trailer to pick up at our house and have it dropped off at the nearest shipping port. During low season it took about 3 weeks to arrive in HNL and pick up 3 days later after in processing.

It's averaging about $870 to ship to Hawaii from west coast and vice versa.

Here are some links to transporters in Hawaii

Hawaii Car Transport

Pascha Hawaii

USHIP will allow shippers to bid on your shipment but you have to register.


Picking up and registering your car. 

Picking up your POV in Honolulu. Track your DoD shipped vehicle through their site by clicking on the button. 

Here is the Honolulu Vehicle Processing Center pick up and drop off information.

The VPC is located at: Pier 1, Forrest Avenue, Honolulu, HI, United States, 96813
Hours: 0700-1500
Phone: Local: 808-670-3095
Toll Free: 855-389-9499
Fax: 808-439-6847
Schedule an appointment to pick up your vehicle at the VPC

Note the transit times at the bottom of the VPC page as they predict 47 days from East coast to here. However, when I shipped my vehicle from Baltimore it took 30 days to arrive during low season.


Can't pick up or drop off your POV?
Hawaii Transit Express can do it for you ($50-$70) and even clean your vehicle in preparation for your drop-off. 

Taxi Assistance
BIG JOHN’s TAXICAB Local: 808-924-4444 or 808-218-8267


Need to Rent a vehicle in Hawaii? 

Renting a car is quite expensive but you can rent a used vehicle from $10-$250 a day from Honolulu Airport (HNL) from local's who rent out their car. Visit for more information. 

Registering your vehicle in Hawaii

"All automobiles used on the highway must be registered with the state of Hawaii. If you are not a legal resident of Hawaii, you may keep your original vehicle license plates, but you must register your car to get a Hawaii vehicle permit sticker. To complete vehicle registration, you are required to have proof of ownership or certificate of registration; shipping documents; and Hawaii no-fault insurance coverage. Additionally, Hawaii requires an annual safety inspection for all vehicles; valid identification card; and Non-resident Certificate Form DSL50 (to be signed by your commanding officer verifying your home of record as reflected in your service record)."

Non-resident active duty military personnel must submit a Non-Resident Certificate, Form CS-L (MVR) 50*, for each registration, renewal, or transfer transaction and the form is available from your military personnel office or your unit.

At Hickam, motor vehicle registration appointments must be scheduled online see below link.

New for 2017 - If you decide to register your vehicle in Hawaii, Honolulu county vehicle registration is now "motor vehicle weight TAX FREE for active duty". Change was made recently due to the significant number of abandoned vehicles. 

Make sure you are turning in the correct non-residency form, which went into effect Aug. 1, when you register. Unit S-1s can pick up the new forms at the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Forms Center. Call 656-0334 for questions about form pickup.


Moving is
so much fun!




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House Hold Goods filing a claim.

Filing a move claim (Claim report) for HHG's? It has to be done 9 months from when you receive your HHG's. The items you found damaged during the delivery (Loss and Damage report) need to be reported in the first 75 days after delivery. 

You file it though (DPS) and there are some information you need prior to sitting down and doing this. 

TIP: Take a photo of each damaged item but also include the inventory box #. You need that number to file a claim for each item or you'll have to go back through the bill of lading sheets to find the #

TIP: When starting your initial claim in DPS, enter the Government Bill of Lading# first and it will repopulate some of the other fields.

TIP: After you add a photo to the claim hit "save". Then hit "add" since it was not intuitive on how to add additional photos.

TIP: Make sure you don't fix anything before the estimator comes out to your house to assess the damage or it may lessen the claim.

TIP: Make sure items in your Loss and Damage report doesn't record a duplicate item in the Claims report filed 9 months later.

Here is the Claims website with instructions on how to file a claim.

Ready to PCS

Scheduling your pick ups

Transportation moves are scheduled through After you have your Transportation training you can enter in your move yourself through the application. You would list the first four of these as separate pickups in DPS.

You need to know your dates for:

  • Unaccompanied baggage (UB)

  • Household goods (HHG)

  • Non Temp storage (NTS) - long term (if applicable)

  • Professional Gear (ProGear PBP&E)

  • Alternate drop off shipment address if applicable

  • And the DPS application only works on explorer so we couldn't use my Mac.

Since you won't know your delivery address you can chose storage in transit (SIT) and log back in and update it when you get an address. I found it easier to just talk to the carrier directly to change the address and change dates of delivery as well. And through email I was able to communicate with Transportation folks in Hawaii.

The JPPSO is also the same office as the Navy housing office Pearl Harbor. This housing office is for all services stationed at JBPHH. It's located at 4825 Bougainville Dr., Bldg 2652, Honolulu, HI 96818. (808)-474-1820

Military PCS also includes Professional Gear (PBP&E) shipment up to 2000 pounds which is not counted against your total weight allowance. PBP&E/Pro-Gear is defined as: HHG in a member's possession needed for the performance of official duties at the next or a later destination.

The following items are considered Pro-Gear:

  • (1) Reference material

  • (2) Instruments, tools, and equipment peculiar to technicians, mechanics, and members of the professions

  • (3) Specialized clothing such as diving suits, flying suits; astronaut’s suits, flying suits and helmets, band uniforms, chaplain’s vestments, and other specialized apparel not normal or usual uniform or clothing

  • (4) Communications equipment used by a member in association with the Military Affiliated Radio System

  • (5) Individually owned or specially issued field clothing and equipment

Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) shipment is an authorized move pick up for Military members during PCS. It is a separate pick up you arrange through DPS. We were authorized 500 lbs to ship up to 60 days prior to reporting. I think it only took 3 weeks to arrive so you'll have some things you need when you get here that are too big to fly with.

The 500 lbs counts as part of your total HHGs weight limit (up to 18,000 lbs depending on your rank). You normally use UB to include clothing, kitchen items, etc. that you do not want to haul with you when you travel but you need right away while you wait for your HHGs. UB can be delivered anywhere you want (TLA, hotel, etc.) when you report to your new station and before you find a new house.

Here is some info on UB:

Erroneously called “Express Shipment,” unaccompanied baggage transportation is authorized by an expedited mode when necessary to enable the member to carry out assigned duties or to prevent undue hardship to the member and/or dependents.

Here are some very helpful PCS tips from

Shipping your car from Hawaii to the Mainland. 

Coming from Hawaii with no destination address, your vehicle can only be shipped to Seattle or LA. 


USAA transfer of Auto Policy to Hawaii

For USAA members transferring their car insurance to Hawaii it's a unique situation. It was required that I have my USAA auto insurance white card (with watermarked seal) with Hawaii "no fault" on it in order to pick up my vehicle. You call USAA first to change it to Hawaii before you arrive. Also my rates went up, no surprise, everything in Hawaii is more expensive. 

The Vehicle processing doesn't accept a paper print out of your card. Instead you must either have it mailed or if you can't wait, pick up the white card in town near Ala Moana shopping center. 

USAA said this is where you pick up hardcopy:  
Crawford & Co.
711 Kapiolani Blvd., 9th Fl, Ste 920
M-F 8-4 but...lunch from 11-12
***Must call first to confirm docs ready***
Three ladies assist with these docs:

Tina, Cheryln, Simone
808-591-2376 x 323

You have to park in the basement of a high rise building. Also don't go during rush hour the traffic is pretty solid.