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My first blog post!

My first blog post!

Dim Sum....me

My first blog post is going to be about food. I just love the food in Hawaii and especially Chinese food. It is delicious and very tasty. 

Dim Sum, is a Cantonese dish, originally from the Guandong, Hong Kong region of China. About 70% of all Chinese in Hawaii are from this region of China and with them they brought the wonderful little traditional dumplings and small tasty dishes of dim sum. 

How do I know when dim sum is good or more authentic? When the skin wrappers are "thin" is more of an authentic Chinese touch. Also dim sum should be bite size and fit in your mouth.

You've probably heard of Manapua? Manapua is actually the Hawaiian Chinese version of the dim sum "char sui bau". Char sui bau is a white sticky bun wrapped with meat inside and comes either steamed (white) or baked (golden) and is about 1/3 smaller than a Manapua. "Char sui" is the Chinese red pork meat that is red and sweet and used to stuff Manapua's. 

Also you've probably heard of "Pork hash" which is also a Hawaiian Chinese version of "Sui mai". I prefer Sui Mai over Pork hash because it's less fatty and smaller that fits in your mouth in one bite. 

I got these Chinese dumplings at Happy Days restaurant while in Kaimuki in East Oahu. The restaurant been around for over 30 years and it's reasonably priced, quick to go and quality is high. It's located in Kaimuki which is on your way to Hanauma Bay from Honolulu off 12th Ave. You can enter the parking lot for 20 min without paying a fee and you can grab your dim sum and get out of there in under 10 min. Dim Sum is affordable around $3.50 for a plate of 3-4 pieces.  


Dim sum - Pork Hash, Shrimp dumpling, Scallop dumpling and potstickers. This is from Happy Days Restaurant, 3553 Waialae Ave, in Kaimuki. 

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