A Unique way to tour the island with a Veteran tour guide

You learn a lot more history and it's significance about a site with a tour guide than you do on your own. 

A Veteran owned and operated personal tour guide, Laura Fink, took us on a great 3 hour tour around Honolulu. Her tour company, Tour Religions in Paradise (TRIP), offered us a custom tour with several different sites to choose from.

Traveling to Japan and staying at the New Sanno DoD hotel

Japan is an affordable trip to consider

Have you been to Japan yet? We recently did a trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and stayed at both AirBNB's and the New Sanno DoD hotel so I wanted to share some things to consider while booking travel. Japan is a very affordable trip with low cost flight deals, reasonable prices for accommodations, and some of the best quality of food we've ever had. 

My first blog post!

Dim Sum....me

Dim Sum, is a Cantonese dish, originally from the Guandong, Hong Kong region of China. About 70% of all Chinese in Hawaii are from this region of China and with them they brought the wonderful little traditional dumplings and small tasty dishes of dim sum.